Foraged <> Indigenous Food Sovereignty

When we say we are all about sustainability at Foraged, we don’t just mean the sustainability of the earth. Sustainability includes people, and there is no sustainability without equity. The entire history and culture of foraging, wild-crafting, and agroforestry is rooted in the cultural knowledge, wisdom, and practice of the people native to the Americas. There simply is no foraging practice in the United States that does not benefit from the historical knowledge and culture of Indigenous Americans.

As such, we at Foraged believe that we have a responsibility to not only acknowledge the profound contributions these communities have made, but to actively promote and support their important work – especially when it comes to the re-establishment of Indigenous Food Sovereignty. We acknowledge that the Indigenous Peoples of America have had their culture and food brutally and systematically taken away from them through centuries of genocide and oppression. We also acknowledge the importance of these communities maintaining and protecting their cultural and culinary knowledge and wisdom, and the importance of speaking for themselves.

Foraged is taking steps to ensure we build a market and community that actively includes, upholds, and listens to these communities that we benefit from.

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