Our Product is 100% natural and handmade.
It is made of olive oil and coconut oil with Pure Pomegranate essential Oil.
No chemical additives or perfume used.
Our Pomegranate soap keeps the skin plump and youthful.
It has anti-aging properties.
it will enhance the brightness of your skin.
(Per 4oz)
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Ancient Tree
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Ancient Tree
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Ancient Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from olives picked from trees of the Mediterranean basin. For centuries, Mediterranean civilizations have treasured olive oil as a symbol of purity, fortitude and peace. Today, olive oil is recognized as a healthy source of nutrition and encouraged for all diets of all ages. Ancient Tree Olive Oil is produced under our strict super-vision, we made sure that the finished product is the best olive oil available on the market today. Quality olive oil is obtained from sound whole olives that must be crushed without delay to avoid fermentation process that begins quickly, causing quality to deteriorate. From the gourmet chef to the home style cook, our “Ancient Tree” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sure to satisfy.
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