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This is sterilized spawn (oats) with sterilized Coco Coir and Gypsum.

Thishas worked for a variety of mushrooms, but typically is used for dungloving varieties. If you have a gourmet mushroom strain, you can usethis one or my Wood Lovers bag for potentially larger yields.

One only needs to inoculate the bag.

Dependingon the concentration of the syringe, anywhere from 1-5cc' per bag canbe used. If you don't inoculate right away, you can put it in the fridgewhile you wait for your syringes to arrive.

When the oats areabout 15-20 percent colonized (white), gently mix the bag with yourhands to accelerate the colonization process. Once the oats have beenmostly or completely colonized, one just needs to mix the mycelium inwith the coco coir.

Once the bag is colonized, or one sees pinsof mushrooms starting, one can open the bag and put it in a clearplastic bag (that is also slightly open and or poke holes in the clearbag, to allow for fresh air flow and evaporation of the surface of thesubstrate spawn mix). Spray periodically if dryness occurs and after aflush of mushrooms). An alternative is taking the contents out of thebag and putting the entire block in a plastic container (once it's whitewith mycelium) and allowing fruiting to occur in the plastic tub (knownas a monotub......which I also sell). Considering that this bag is verysmall, you could put it in a soda bottle or something of similar size.

WhenI send these bags out I know that many people are using spores and thatcan be a contributing factor to contamination (even if one is using astill air box too). Spores and bacteria are invisible to the naked eyeand contamination can sometimes happen. Please know that this particularhobby has it's margin of error. I will remedy any situation you runinto by way of a replacement or refund. Please contact me, so that wecan come to a solution.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, asI've grown many mushrooms doing it this way. If looking to grow bulk, besure to message me and I can help you with that as well.             

3 Oz Mini Mushroom Grow Bag

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