1 Alaskan Wild Rose Plant. Blooms pink. Great for container gardens and medicinal tea. Size 6-12”. These are to be for containers gardens/pots only as whether they can become invasive to your area is unknown. Please do not plant outside. It is the buyers responsibility to check if plant is allowed in your area or invasive. Will be shipped bare root/no pot. These are Alaskan plants where it rarely gets above 80. They will not survive at temperatures above this for more then a few days. Please move inside where it is cool if outside is above this. These are not cuttings, but grow underground on runners and will have 2-3 visible roots. Please ask questions about these plants before purchasing NOT after delivery. Not responsible for shipping carrier issues as I have no control once it leaves my hand. Buyer is responsible for filing claim with mail carrier if problems occur.

Alaskan Wild Rose Bush Plant

Alaska, US
Teslaracks Terranova
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