(1) 2.25 lb. American Wagyu Tri-Tip(2) 8 oz. American Wagyu Ranch Steaks (1 package)(4) American Wagyu Burgers (2 burgers per package)

Our American Wagyu Sampler combines our favorite American Wagyu cuts making it the perfect assortment for entertaining a crowd or to try something new.

Elevate the popular and quintessential BBQ Tri-tip with American Wagyu. Part of the bottom sirloin, this American Wagyu Tri-tip has dense marbling, delivering tender, rich flavor, bringing your next gathering to the next level.

This American Wagyu Ranch Steak, sometimes also referred to as Santa Monica Steak, or Pub Steak, is cut from the Chuck, also know as the shoulder, portion, delivering a well marbled, deep beef flavor.

100% American Wagyu Burgers are fed a vegetarian diet, no hormones, and raised without antibiotics. Sourced from Durham Ranch is in Gillette, Wyoming.

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American Wagyu Sampler

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