Birch Polypore has amazing medicinal, immune boosting, antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial  and so many more properties! Our birch polypore is harvested deep in the Northern Maine woods, as needed,  washed, sliced and air dried to retain maximum medicinal benefits.  We find birch polypore compliments chaga and a dried eucalyptus leaf makes such a delicious and medicinal tea!!

We always take pictures of our harvests so you know your mushroom pre, during and post harvest.

4 oz  19.99

8 oz 33.99

16 oz 63.99

If you have a custom weight please contact us directly for a price.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to serving you!

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MushrooMaine Harvests 

Birch Polypore - Maine Harvested - Slices

Maine, US
MushrooMaine Harvests
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All of our products are harvested by the two of us deep in the Northern Maine woods untouched by the pollution caused by highways and cities. We harvest as needed and do so safely to promote the sustainability of the mushrooms future growth. We are passionate about the healing super powers of the mushrooms we offer and we know that you will love them too!!

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MushrooMaine Harvests