4 x 4 packs of Bison Sausage3 x 4 packs of Elk Sausage

These Bison Sausages are blended with ground pork, smokey chipotles, and select seasonings. Gluten, phosphate, MSG, and nitrite free. All-natural meat and made with no artificial ingredients.

Our Elk Sausages are blended with pork, cheddar, and jalapeno. The meat used is raised without antibiotics, fed 100% vegetarian diet, and made with all natural ingredients. Gluten, MSG, phosphate and nitrite free.

We ship orders every Monday and Wednesday. All orders that ship on Mondays must be placed by Sunday at 8pm EST. All orders that ship on Wednesdays must be placed by Tuesday at 8pm EST.

Bison & Elk Sausage Sampler | Foraged Exclusive

New York, US
The Seasoned Carte
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