Black king oysters have a wonderful savory flavor that works well chopped in many dishes. Our favorite method of cooking is to make "scallops" by slicing across the stem and cooking in butter. A truly delicious mushroom with a wonderful texture!

Black king oyster/ shimofuri

Pennsylvania, US
Deep Hollow Forest Farm
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Our farm is located in south central Pennsylvania where we specialize in log grown shiitake as well as cultivating and foraging a wide variety of specialty mushrooms. We also forage a variety of wild plants with pawpaws being a local favorite. The idea of forest farming for us is as much about the forest as the farm. We cultivate our mushrooms in a hardwood forest and forest health is a priority for us. We try to conduct our work in a way that will benefit the forest and are happy to receive the many gifts it has to offer. It is not unusual for us to bend down to pick wild chanterelles that are growing around shiitake logs!

Our goal is to always bring you the highest quality specialty food products possible!