Buddha’s Hand citron widely varies in size, shape, and appearance, depending on growing conditions and specific type. The fruit begins small with an oval to oblong shape and is a purple-brown hue. As it matures, the fruit transitions to golden yellow, and the non-stem end separates and extends into elongated, finger-like segments. The fingers can be broadly spread in all directions, or they can be tightly layered and closed. The rind of the citron is textured, bumpy, and covered in small oil glands that release an aromatic scent reminiscent of lemon and lavender. The rind also has a bitter-sweet, citrus-forward flavor. Underneath the rind, the flesh is generally void of juice, seeds, and pulp and only contains a thick and spongy, white pith that bears a sweet flavor. Buddha’s Hand citron has a bitter-sweet, bright and floral flavor that is primarily used as a zest for flavoring sweet and savory applications.

Buddha's Hand Citron

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California, US
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