Price is for 1 pound dried. Over 3 pounds available.

This species is known as Leatherbacks (Lactifluus Corrugis) and has a beautiful meaty and nutty flavor. It is a wonderful mushroom to reconstitute and dehydrates exceptionally well. It can be used it a wide variety of dishes and is extremely hard to find in large quantities like this.

Sustainably harvested from the Blue Ridge Mountains by a certified forager.

Bulk Dried Leatherback Mushrooms (1lb)

North Carolina, US
Blue Ridge Forage
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Welcome to my shop! I am a forager and tea maker of Western North Carolina. I have been growing and foraging for herbs for several years and more recently I have fallen in love with mushrooms. I've become a certified mushroom safety and ID expert and continue to further my knowledge every chance I get. My favorite thing is a hot piping cup of tea with GREAT flavor! Mushroom teas? Why not?!

Keep an eye out for seasonal flavors as the forest continues it's beautiful cycle of change.