We harvest in the wild Northern woods of Maine. The colder the climate,  the more medicinal compounds that chaga extracts from the birch tree and keeps during the winter months when the birch trees are dormant. We harvest safely, sustainably and photo and video all of our chaga, pre, post and during harvest (If you would like to see what YOUR chaga was doing before your tea, drop us a line and we are happy to send you the clips! ;) )

 This amazing medicinal parasitic mushroom has an incredible immune system, part of which it imparts onto us when we consume it!

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We know you'll love our Maine Chaga!!

There is alot of information out there on chaga and we at MushrooMaine Harvests encourage you to do your own research. If you have any questions or if you would like infusion recipes for cooking with chaga, send us a message and we would love to share our amazing discoveries with cooking with chaga!

Chaga - Maine Harvested - Chunks

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All of our products are harvested by the two of us deep in the Northern Maine woods untouched by the pollution caused by highways and cities. We harvest as needed and do so safely to promote the sustainability of the mushrooms future growth. We are passionate about the healing super powers of the mushrooms we offer and we know that you will love them too!!

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