1oz dried Chanterelle mushrooms, harvested in 2022, in paper bag.

PS.: I picked mushrooms for myself, without sand, grasses, bugs and worms. But it is too much for me, so I offer them for you too:)

 I love picking mushrooms, it is my best hobby. I am a little bit crazy about forest, mushrooms, herbs...  

Harvested in the wild forests of Lithuania far away from cities, roads, factories.

Note: You are ordering from Lithuania in Europe. Now shipping to USA may take  about 10-20 business days. Just calm. You will definitely get your order;)

Dried 100% real Chanterelle mushrooms Cantarellus 2022 harvest

Michigan, US
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I was born near forest. Lived all my life near forest. And want to be in forest everyday and all the day... I love picking mushrooms, some other goods, and too much for me - i offer them to you too. Picked and prepared with love;)