Bear corn, Conophlis americana, or cancer-root, is a non-photosynthesizing plant that grows from the roots of oak and beech. There are places in the US where it's not common, but we harvest from flourishing patches here in Ohio. It's known for relieving a lot of painful menstruation symptoms and general pelvic cramping. My partner has endometriosis and it's their favorite tea for cramp relief, mixed with some raspberry leaf and angelica root. Young stems have a powerfully astringent taste when fresh, but are incredibly mild in a tea. We recommend boiling a few dried stems on their own before adding some more exciting flavor to your tea. We have also noted that this is another slow medicine that your body might need to acclimate to. My partner's first two cups provided no relief, but the next day the tea worked substantially well. 

Dried Bear Corn/Cancer Root 1/2 oz

Ohio, US
Tannenbaum Wild Foods
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All of my products are foraged in Northeast Ohio using sustainable and ethical methods. Everything you see here are the same ingredients I eat daily and feed to my friends and family. You can see more of what and where I forage on my instagram @tannenbaumwildfoods.

About Me: I am a certified Wild Mushroom Expert through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. I have foraged since my childhood hunting for berries with my grandmother in the woods and am constantly seeking new plants and fungi to learn about!