Pheasant Backs are also known as Dryad's Saddle, or Ceriporus squamosus. When fresh they have a texture like tofu and take well to other flavors. I like to use the dried mushrooms to flavor soup stocks. It is especially tasty to make a vegan dashi stock by cooking dried pheasant backs with kombu seaweed.

Dried Pheasant Back/Dryads Saddle Mushrooms 1/2 oz

Ohio, US
Tannenbaum Wild Foods
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All of my products are foraged in Northeast Ohio using sustainable and ethical methods. Everything you see here are the same ingredients I eat daily and feed to my friends and family. You can see more of what and where I forage on my instagram @tannenbaumwildfoods.

About Me: I am a certified Wild Mushroom Expert through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. I have foraged since my childhood hunting for berries with my grandmother in the woods and am constantly seeking new plants and fungi to learn about!