1-4oz  Dried Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), in paper bag. 2021. Dried in electric dehydrator,  not in oven. Has great flavor and good quality, because they are dried in 45°C to protect all benefits of porcinis. Medical researches say, porcini may have substances to protect from cancer. Picked in wild Lithuania forest far away from cities, roads and factories.

You can find in my store:

1)  A grade - dried good porcini slices, dried without worms and wormholes.

2)  B grade - dried porcini slices with wormholes. As all porcinis in all shops and food industry.

3)  Powder - dried B grade porcini powder.

4)  Whole porcini-  small porcini 2-6cm long , whole, dried on cord. Have one big hole inside.  I cannot guarantee they have no wormholes, as I didn't cut them. The caps of some boletus may be detached from the stems during shipping.

Note: You are ordering from Lithuania in Europe. Now shipping to USA may take  about 10-20 business days because of pandemic situation and Christmas holidays. Just calm. You will definitely get your order;)

Dried Porcini mushrooms powder (Boletus Edulis)

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I was born near forest. Lived all my life near forest. And want to be in forest everyday and all the day... I love picking mushrooms, some other goods, and too much for me - i offer them to you too. Picked and prepared with love;)