Gathered locally and with care for the forest and ecosystem. All uncared for pieces of the mushrooms at time of cleaning and drying are used to make liquid cultures that go with me every time I harvest.

I'm the guy in the woods spreading jars of odd liquids 😅 I'm just keeping the forest happy!

Message me for details on fresh picked!!

Dryad saddle dried

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Indiana, US
Natural Lyfe
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Natural gathered products from all around the state of Indiana and surrounding areas.

From mushrooms, to wild leeks, and almost all medicinal plants I can get my hands on respectfully and can keep propagating.

I spend about 30% of my time out gathering focused on replanting, or constant mindfulness on how certain things need to be collected to keep reproducing. ( I will not want to EveR over harvest a area to where I or anyone else, feel like it is taking away from the local wild life that takes care of the forest.)