We are actively engaged in mushroom cultivation research with the SARE Northeast division of the USDA. With this research we aim to show the viability of forest farming mushrooms and cultivating wild ramps, cultivating lesser know species and the benefits this will have on communites at large. We actively grow eight different varieties of culinary mushrooms in a deciduous forest utilizing many different cultivation techniques that we have learned over the years and have been growing ramps for five years as well. We would like to offer our educational and research services to any clients interested in creating regenerative income and obtaining high quality food sources from their lands by teaching them everything we have learned about forest farming here in the Northeast  while utilizing agricultural waste products such as hardwood logs to create high value food sources. Over 80% of forested land here in the USA is considered by most to be unusable but we strongly disagree.Our blueprint for your forest farm will be very easy to follow and will get you growing.We will guide you from beginning to end on how to begin your forest farm by coming to your location while providing all of the spawn,seeds,materials, showing you the processes of different inoculation techniques and support to get you jumpstarted right away. Our cultivation guides are also available in Spanish if needed. We are here to help you create something very unique for your community whether you are a home gardener ,chef or farm and will guide you to ensure your success. Our clients will always have phone support whenever needed whenever an issue arises. We are very excited and look forward to working with you. 

Forest Farming Intensive with a focus on mushroom cultivation

New Jersey, US
S.C. Specialties
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We acknowledge and respect that S.C Specialties is located on the indigenous land of the Lenape First Nation and recognize the peoples who have lived and continue to live on these lands. Our farm is where we aim to leave a forest in our footsteps. My name is Sergio and have been working in the restaurant kitchen world for over ten years, feel very passionate about what I grow and am very excited to showcase our high quality foods to arrive directly to your door. We are always exploring different ways to restore our forest ecosystem, build soil, and preserve water quality while producing food, medicine and materials. We help steward 40 acres of preserved land and are actively creating a forest nursery, operate multiple food production sites including our log cultivated mushroom yard and many sansai vegetables which we grow under the forest canopy. We are happy to answer any of your questions with full transparency about any of our sustainability farm practices for everything we grow and forage. If you are looking for something special that is not listed on our page please feel free to reach out. We would like to thank you for looking at our store and look forward to working with you.