Placed into Fruiting conditions March 10, 2023.

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Fresh Black Pearl Oyster's

(per 20 lb)
Washington, US
Stems n' Stipes
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Sustainably grown microgreens and mushrooms!

Spokane local grower committed to supporting local and small businesses, the community, and sustainability.

Find us on Instagram. @stems.n.stipes to watch Katie grow!

We strive to build a connection and foster a healthy sustainable business relationship with vendors that have similar values of sustainability, community, local entrepreneurship, and education. We support local and small business by sourcing our materials from them, participating in events, providing education, and offering our waste product for free to local small businesses, primarily other farmers. We know, it sounds like were dumping garbage in our neighbor's lawn...but we're not! Spent fruiting blocks have a lot of nutrition to offer cattle, chickens, and other farm animals, along with many other uses! Reach out to us if you could use our waste product! All growing materials are sourced from locally owned businesses

Community is the heart of our business. By being hyper local, we not only reduce our carbon foot print, we also build lasting connections by partnering with local community members interested in foraging for their own mushrooms. We offer guided mushrooms identification hunting hikes, teach participants how to take spore prints, how to set up their own grow kit and how to do the process from start to finish with low tech supplies and in sustainable feed-your-self centric ways. In this activity we also source some of our mushroom spores from local forests.

Sustainability is essential to us for every step of the growing process. We use reusable materials such as glass jars as opposed to single use plastics. We are committed to buying materials that are also made of recyclable, sustai3/(3)3/nable, or local first. Our waste product is used at local farms for feed, minimizing our trash and foot print! Even the dish soap we use to clean our containers is sustainable and locally sourced products!

Our mission is to maintain high standards for core values. By investing our time and energy into high sustainability practices, we are thrilled to be flung into the world of hyper local, supporting local businesses, and our community all at the same time. We love forming partnerships, and bartering with other Washington-Idaho for fresh and recycled resources.

Stems n' Stipes is founded by Katie Douglas. Katie has lived and loved in the greater Spokane region for the majority of her life. Though her career in natural resources has brought her to many wonderful cities and towns, hiking and enjoying nature along the way. She is currently pregnant and growing her dreams to be self sufficient and be a role model for her child.


Each mushroom variety has specific needs and viability. While Oyster mushrooms can be expanded upon several times, other varieties only recommend one expansion prior to fruiting. For this reason, each grain master will come with variety specific instruction.

GRAIN MASTER MATH - Oyster variety example

1 - One-10 cc syringe of liquid culture will inoculate 5 quart sized jars. Each of the grain spawn jars is a master, first generation.

When the masters are fully colonized, split them into fifths via grain to grain transfer for another expansion, or into substrate for fruiting. The second generation is 25 jars or could be 20 jars and 5 fruiting blocks.

Stamets models suggest expanding mycelium via grain to grain transfer as many as three (3) times. After the third generation, viability and strain vigor suffer, so remaining jars should be made into fruiting blocks.

Oyster's have a biological efficiency of 100%. Your fresh mushroom yeild, in pounds, over at least two flushes (grow cycles) should equal the same weight of your fruiting block. Stems n Stipes offers 5 pound fruiting blocks, and most growers recommend 3 or 5 pound blocks.

First Gen - Master - 5 Jars

Second Gen - 25 Jars/bags

Third Gen - 125 jars/bags

Final Gen - 625 bags