Truffles have a reputation as exotic and expensive luxuries, but the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is an exception.With a rough black exterior and brown flesh mottled with white veins, Summer truffles are less intense in flavor and aroma than the highly prized black winter truffle, but cost a fraction of the price of their expensive winter cousins. Their taste is mild and somewhat mushroomy, but extremely pleasant.

Normally harvested during the spring and summer months, Summer Truffles are ideal for canapes and first courses, pasta sauces, eggs, potatoes, rice or meat and fish dishes. They have a thicker skin than the black winter truffle, and are less pungent (and therefore less expensive!) than their winter cousins.

With their enticing flavor, fragrant aroma, spectacular appearance and moderate price, Summer Truffles present a tremendous value.

Frozen Summer Truffles

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Michigan, US
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