Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, medium-low sweetness

Tasting Notes: Fruity and apple driven, with yeasty, hard cider flavors and a distinctly smokey finish

Kitchen Pairings: Vinaigrettes, health/probiotic consumption, and anywhere you would use a traditional apple cider vinegar

Bar Pairings: Very good pairing to scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. Adds depth to mulled ciders and is a great probiotic for daily consumption all by itself!


Our Apple Cider vinegar offers a flavorful swap for a more traditional apple cider vinegar. Looking for inspiration? Visit our recipe page for creative uses in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Our apple cider vinegar is a 2018 Good Food Awards Finalist!

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Heirloom Apple Vinegar

Virginia, US
Lindera Farms
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At Lindera Farms, we take locally and sustainably sourced agricultural products of pristine quality, and ferment them into wines which we then age into vinegar. This makes for a robust, versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind.