Lavender is one of the most beautiful plants in the world. Ranging from lavender essential oil to lavender soaps and scents, this vibrant lilac-colored plant never fails to make a statement. Yet, the most beloved is lavender tea known for its calming effects, which makes it an ideal bedtime tea.

The best benefits of lavender tea may include relaxing the body, reducing muscle spasms, promoting healthy digestion, and aiding sleep. It might also help eliminate inflammation, balance mood, heals the skin, and soothes chronic pain.

What is Lavender Tea?

Lavender tea comes from the lavender buds of the flowering plant, the small purple bundles. Scientifically found in the genus Lavandula, lavender is native to the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and Southern Europe, ranging from the Middle East to Asian countries. It comprises more than 30 species, dozens of subspecies, and plenty of hybrids and cultivars. [1]

It may have an effective concentration of calcium, iron, vitamin A, and phenolic compounds, and potent terpenes, such as linalool. These nutrients can have several notable effects on human health.

Lavender Tea Benefits

When you drink lavender tea, it may provide relief from insomnia, high anxiety, gastrointestinal upset, skin irritation, and headaches. Regardless of what ails you, the benefits of lavender tea will likely be able to help!


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