This is a potent blend of immune boosting herbs.
The powerhouse of Echinacea, paired heavily with Organic Lemon and Ginger, really packs a spicy citrusy punch
This is helpful to have on hand for anytime you feel you've been exposed to a heavy germ load, and want a little immune bolstering.

HOW TO USE: Take 1 to 3 droppers daily as needed to support the immune system during cold and flu season, or 1 to 3 droppers up to 6 times a day while fighting an active infection, and during recovery.
Dilute in juice, tea, or water. Serve with honey and hot water for a makeshift Hot Toddy.

INGREDIENTS: Echinacea*, Organic Ginger, Organic Lemons w/ Peel, Habanero Peppers*, Cane Alcohol, & Honey.

(Per 2oz)
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Firebrand Herbals is the outlet of my lifelong love of potion making and plant magic. I am a vitalist herbalist and practitioner of bio regional herbalism which seeks to rely on the rich and abundant plant communities that surround me here in middle Tennessee. The products I make are sourced from my micro organic herb farm, foraged from the 3,000 acre state forest around me, or purchased from small fellow organic farmers. My goal is to build reciprocal and nourishing relationships with the plants and people around me while crafting thoughtful and balanced herbal medicine.
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