Location for workshop: Asheville NC.

In this one hour workshop we will be teaching the basics of how to inoculate mushroom logs.

we will go through the equipment needed, best practices, types of wood, placement, stacking, habitat, and how to choose what species you will grow.

Each guest will take home with them their own log that will produce edible mushrooms for years to come.

After we have finished up the mushroom portion, we will go for a short walk around the property and look at the numerous edible and medicinal garden weeds that are growing in and around our property.

Log Inoculation Workshop

North Carolina, US
Wild Goods
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Wild Goods has been providing fine foraged mushrooms and edibles to the Western North Carolina area in Asheville and Sylva, N.C. for the last five years. With their combined experience, Wild Goods has over 20 years of foraging under their belts and have taught thousands of people the basics of sustainable foraging, wildcrafting, and safe mushroom practices.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all, or are looking for a specific species. Local pickup available, or overnight shipping.

Visit our home page here to learn more about who we are our practices background and more.

Recently, their truffle dog Eva has begun to dig up the most wonderful native truffles, and we are excited to see what she brings us next!