Sustainable Sorcerers are bringing these Amazing native American sentients to a garden Near you!! You will receive A native American Carolinian egg ready to hatch 20-120 per egg in the spring!

Traditionally used in home and gardens to curb garden pests both inside and out of Greenhouses as well in homes were actually kept on string leashes to ward off bed bugs in the good ol' days!!

Mid-Western Farmers have successfully lowered their pesticide use as an IPM strategy (Intergrated Pest Management) to reduce pesticide use by hundreds of thousands of pounds by introducing at a rate of 1-20 per acre. They are pure joy and simple to raise up or place ootheca/egg in shaded area In garden or greenhouse to hatch on its own. Each egg yielding 30-120 babies become battle ready within a few hours of hatching devouring pests and each other if not supplemented in captivity with wingless fruit Flys you can find online and start culturing your own to share the joy of these beautiful beings with others and watch them lay their own eggs in the fall is truly amazing experience I am happy to be able to share with you all promoting regenerative and holistic ways to farm and garden in a good way!! Bringing it back!!

All sales are final on ooths, no exchanges, or refunds or returns

Native American Carolinian Praying Mantis Eggs Ootheca Nuc for Organic Garden & Farm Greenhouse pest IPM control

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