Morels are Nate's favorite mushroom to forage, and the first mushroom we ever found together. Last year we had some wildfires near Thompson Falls, Montana, and foraged these morels after studying the climate, geography and elevation of the area. We even saw a black bear! He was doing the same thing we were, and continued rambling up the hill away from us.

Our dried black fire Morels from the 2022 season have been cooked to perfection, dehydrated and combined with cooked and dehydrated oyster mushrooms, onion powder, mustard seed, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Ready to sprinkle on eggs, cooked vegetables or popcorn.

*Morels should be consumed with caution! Some folks are allergic.

Morel Spice Blend

(per 35 .5 oz)
Montana, US
Wild Foraged Montana
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Our Mission :

To share our love of the wilderness through our foraging adventures.To make rare wild gourmet foods (medicine) available to those who cannot access them.To give back to the land and The People from whom the land was taken.

About Us:

Hello! Wild Foraged Montana follows the foraging adventures of Aly and Nate. We are radical (amateur) mycologists with a passion for preservation and a love of flora, fauna and funga. We fell in love with foraging when we first found morels on a summer long camping adventure outside Missoula, Montana in 2018. This experience transformed our relationships with wild food, the land, and inspired radical ideas about food sovereignty.