Plastic Mushroom Baskets (Crates) 5-Pack with Lids

Size: 18 x 12 x 5 inches (46 x 30 x 11.5 cm)

Stackable with lids on. Lids clip into place. Great for picking mushrooms and fruits, cold storage, and shipping. Six holes on the edges allow zip ties to attach the lids more securely or to attach multiple baskets together for shipping. 

Used once and cleaned

Capacity: 5-6 lb. of mushrooms (3kg). 10-15 lb. of other fruits/vegetables/nuts 

NOTE: PRODUCT WILL BE WHITE AND/OR BLACK PLASTIC (depending what I have in stock). If you have a preference please let me know. Thanks

Mushroom Baskets 5-Pack with Lids

Virginia, US
Arcadia Venture
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Arcadia Venture is a purveyor of wild and cultivated mushrooms, wild plants and flowers, and locally farmed specialty products. The name Arcadia" comes from a mountainous region in Ancient Greece known for its vast harmonious wilderness much like the Appalachian Mountains. Founded by chef-forager Iulian Fortu Arcadia Venture provides some of the best harvest this area has to offer.