Take one look at a cluster of Hen of the Woods and you'll immediately know how this mushroom got its name.

The hen of the woods mushroom (Grifola frondosa) is an unusual fungus that grows on tree trunks and stumps in the wild, but which can also be very successfully cultivated. The many caps of the hen of the woods mushroom are joined together at the base to form its distinctive and striking form. Also called Poule de Bois, Pied-de-griffon, Laubporling, and Grifo, the hen of the woods mushroom is known as "maitake" in Japan.

Visually stunning like a feathery tan ball, Hen of the Woods mushrooms have a fresh earthy taste like a walk in the Autumn woods. Hen of the Woods retains its fine flavor and firm, meaty texture, even after cooking. Fresh hen of the woods mushrooms are both delicious and healthful and are suitable for all cooking methods.

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Certified organic by QAI.

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Organic Hen of the Woods (Maitake) Mushrooms

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Michigan, US
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