Our team picks fresh pawpaws then we remove seeds and skin and purée the pulp for even consistency. Frozen fresh in 8 oz containers. Perfect way to extend the pawpaw season. Our fruit pulp makes an incredible and unique ingredient to bring a desert or dish to the next level.

Frozen Pawpaw Fruit Purée

North Carolina, US
Juneberry Ridge
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Sharing our connection to the earth is one of the things we do best.

To us, working the land in regenerative ways creates a teachable moment, a stride for sustainability, and a chance to create some of the freshest, best food there is.

Since the earliest days of Juneberry Ridge, we asked ourselves, is there a way to farm without depleting natural resources? And since that time, we have been hard at work developing strategies that leave an increasingly smaller footprint. The work is never done, of course, but we’re deeply proud of, and committed to, the progress we’ve made.

As growers, we’re accountable to nature, and to you. As people, we’re accountable to each other. That’s why our food and farm safety standards are as rigorous as they come—so you, our staff, and the environment are all well cared for.