For centuries, Maca was celebrated in the Andes Mountains. Civilizations used this herb to excel at mental and physical tasks.

Now, you too can experience Maca’s benefits. Maca 10x is elegantly designed to energize your performance at work, in the gym and in the bedroom.


Farmed in Peru's Andes Mountains, our Maca become hardy growing 11,000 feet above sea level.


We take pure gelatinized organic Maca and concentrated it to be 10 times more potent.

Energize Your Work

Inca consumed Maca before work and war, and new studies are showing how it can support memory and cognitive function.º

Elevate Your Exercise

A 2009 study found that after 14 days of Maca, cyclists improved their time trial performance and reported increase in sexual desire.º

Excite Your Romantic Life

Maca has a long history of supporting issues related to hormone imbalances and boosting passion in the bedroom.º


An ancient solution reimagined for modern life.

Our gentle water-based concentration process means just 1 capsule of Maca 10x delivers the equivalent of 5 grams of raw Maca, so you can take fewer capsules and get more of Maca’s amazing benefits.

Peruvian Maca 10x

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Our founder. Todd J. Pesek M.D. (lovingly referred to as “Dr. Todd”) is a fourth-generation Appalachian Root Doctor who went to medical school. After graduating from Ohio State medical school Dr. Pesek spent time traveling the world as an academic ethnobotanist researching traditional medicine nutrition and plants. He returned back to Cleveland Ohio where – more than 15 years ago – he launched his private medical practice. Our products are formulated to reflect the nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies that Dr. Pesek documented in reviewing thousands of his patients' blood work.

We’re all about plants that make people better. We craft wildly healthy things while simplifying your choices. Thousands of plants hold a healing history so we dig deep. We visit farms cross borders and hike jungles unearthing timeless plants. Since Dr. Pesek still uses these products at his medical practice everything is sourced to the highest standards and is third-party tested at an ISO Certified lab – like what the pharmaceutical industry normally requires but isn’t common in supplements - to ensure quality and purity. Environmental health is linked to human health so we feel a responsibility to source from farmers using the best practices for people and the planet. When regenerative organic ingredients aren't available we'll use certified organic or sustainably sourced wildcrafted ingredients.