Promotes recovery of skin after contact with poisonous/ irritating plants

Plant Rash Salve was created to be a multi-plant rash remedy. It promotes the recovery time/ reduces severity of symptoms that include irritated, inflamed, and itching skin caused by contact with the following plants:

-poison ivy

-poison sumac

-poison oak

-stinging nettles

Many users have stated it has helped with numerous skin rashes that were not caused by plant contact.

Directions: apply to affected as needed to alleviate symptoms

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, vitamin e

Oils infused with the following plants: lady fingers, jewelweed, plantain, self heal, and st. john's wart

0.5 oz container 

Dimensions: 1.6" x 0.7" 

Care Instructions: Keep in a climate-controlled environment and out of direct sunlight/ heat. Do not carry in clothing pockets.

**Intended purpose has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA**

Plant Rash Salve

Wisconsin, US
Wise Folks Remedies
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Female owned small business dedicated to bringing you high quality products while incorporating as much as Mother Earth's goodness as possible. All salves and balms are infused with locally foraged and grown plants from the Chippewa Valley Region of Wisconsin. Wise Folks Remedies products are essential oil free.

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