What you get with our A-Grade Premium White Guava Fruit Box:

⭐️ Organically grown White Guava picked-to-order in sunny San Diego, CA

⭐️ Hand-picked & carefully inspected fruit for the highest quality fruit boxes

⭐️ 5 STAR 100% satisfaction guarantee: 100% fresh, sweet, and juicy fruit!

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Get your rare tropical fruit box today! Our incredibly fresh White Guava Fruit is grown organic on our local exotic fruit farm in sunny San Diego, California :)

We also grow many other exotic fruits and rare fruit trees, check out our store! Passion fruit, cherimoya, longan, dragon fruit, star fruit, jujube, persimmon, kumquat, and much more.

Thank you for supporting our small local farm :)

Please message any questions or issues, we're here to help!


About White Guava and how to eat:

There are many different varieties of White guavas cultivated worldwide, and some of the cultivars include Supreme, Nagpur, Lucknow 49, Miami White, Mexican White guavas, Giant Bangkok, Thai guavas, Chittidar, Webber, Karela, and Behat Coconut.

White Guava are primarily consumed fresh for their sweet-tart, subtly sour flavor. The fruits have been utilized in medicinal and culinary preparations for thousands of years and are a versatile ingredient in sweet and savory dishes.

Perfect for juices, smoothies, salads, desserts, and more.

Premium A-GRADE Organic Mexican Cream (YELLOW) Guava Fruit Box! Fresh 5-Star California Grown Exotic & Tropical Yellow Guavas, Rare Guayaba

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