Prugnoli Mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa)

The dense, tasty mushroom known as prugnolo dominates the culinary scene in central Italy from around the end of April through the month of May and into summer, depending on the weather. Also known as Saint George’s mushrooms (il fungo di San Giorgio) 

Great with creamy pastas, risottos, or sauteed with eggs

Prugnoli Mushrooms FRESH 1 lb.

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Virginia, US
Arcadia Venture
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Arcadia Venture is a purveyor of wild and cultivated mushrooms, wild plants and flowers, and locally farmed specialty products. The name Arcadia" comes from a mountainous region in Ancient Greece known for its vast harmonious wilderness much like the Appalachian Mountains. Founded by chef-forager Iulian Fortu Arcadia Venture provides some of the best harvest this area has to offer.