These are the aromatic, air dried seeds of Queen Anne's Lace; or Wild Carrot. There are invasive in my woods and were picked in the late summer of 2022. They have a vibrant and concentrated carrot flavor. They pair extremely well with poultry, game meats, and fish. There may be some fragments of stem or debris of the plant in the mix - nothing to be concerned with.

There are no fillers. You are getting 100% of the item as listed. I am just sharing an honest product.

The weight is the net weight of the product listed - not the combined weight of the item and package.

Please don't consume if pregnant or if trying to get pregnant.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

I am willing to sell a higher quantity, even up to all of this product

for a reduced price. Please message me with details if you're

interested; and we will work something out.

Queen Anne's Lace Seeds - Dried

(per 47 g)
Pennsylvania, US
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Hello! My name is Saul. I am a chef, seasoned forager, and a certified mushroom identification expert through Mushroom Mountain. I have over 5 years experience of working with wild foods throughout their seasons. I am based in rural western Pennsylvania. I focus on foraging plants that are invasive in my area to help out the natives. I process my bounty in ways that are unique and may be of value to chefs or adventurous individuals. I have a dehydrator and an industrial food-grade grater to powder dehydrated mushrooms and plant matter with ease. Everything I sell is harvested, processed, packaged, and shipped by me from start to finish. Everything I sell has been tested over the years; from effective medicinal qualities to delicious culinary possibilities. I hope to give an opportunity for my excess mushroom harvests and invasive plant matter a purpose that helps out the land by removing them from taking over the wild...to your table and take hold of your palate.