Rangpur limes are small to medium in size and are globular to oblate in shape with a short nipple and a shallow furrow. The semi-smooth, thin rind bears many small, shallow indentations or pores, matures from green to red-orange, and is loosely attached to the flesh. The flesh is soft, orange, tender, divided into 8-10 segments by thin white membranes, and is filled with 6-18 inedible, cream-colored seeds. Depending on the fruit’s maturity, there may also be a hollow center in the middle of the flesh. Rangpur limes are aromatic, juicy, sour, and highly acidic with a floral, smoky, and musky flavor.


Rangpur limes are available in the winter.

Current Facts

Rangpur limes, botanically classified as Citrus x limonia, are small fruits that grow on trees that can reach up to six meters in height and are members of the Rutaceae or citrus family. Also known as Kona limes in Hawaii, Canton lemon in China, Cravo lemon in Brazil, Hime lemon in Japan, and Mandarin lime in the United States, there are at least twenty known varieties of the Rangpur lime and despite its name, Rangpur limes are not a lime at all but are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. Rangpur limes earned their name from their acidic nature and ability to be substituted in recipes for lemons or limes. Commonly used as an ornamental plant and as rootstock for other citrus, Rangpur limes are favored by chefs and home cooks for their tangy, smoky flavor and both the zest and juice are used for sweet and savory applications.

Rangpur " Kona " Limes

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