A dual extraction of Shiitake mushrooms, first for 10 weeks in 80 proof vodka, then followed with a slow hot water extraction and combined.

Shiitake has several health benefits, including boosting the immune system (fighting bacterial and viral infections), improving bone strength, skin health (including aging) and can LOWER BAD CHOLESTEROL!!!

2-3 drops twice daily under the tongue for 30 seconds gives the fastest delivery to your blood stream, or you can add it to teas etc.

These are 100% organically cultivated shiitake that we grew, and we use spring water for our 2nd extraction.

A very potent medicinal product that will make you feel like a million bucks! (Maybe a Billion considering inflation).

Shiitake Tincture, 2 oz

(per 2 oz)
Kansas, US
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Hello friends!

My family is in LOVE with foraging fresh choice mushrooms as well as plants and other edible/medicinal gifts from nature. My husband and I discovered mushroom hunting years ago beginning with the elusive Morel... Since then, mushrooms have become a huge passion in our family. During the spring and summer months you can guarantee that one of us has scouted or foraged an area (or several) any day possible.

Most of our foraged mushrooms come from our family farm in the Fort Scott, KS area, where I have also just created a huge patch of inoculated logs.

YES, we have trees, hills and mushrooms in Kansas! You'd be surprised by the vast variety we have here in the central midwest.

Last year, we decided to begin our journey with cultivation in order to keep up with supply/demand and the fact that we cannot take our toddler to all of our spots.

We will be cycling several different species every few months, dependent on climate and what else is growing in the tent. Generally, we put our Oysters outside for the hot humid fresh air so they can thoroughly flourish and grow to their fullest potential.

My brother and I are planting truffle inoculated Nut Tree saplings this spring(2022), which should give us some yummy walnuts, pecans and truffles in 5-6 years if all goes well! We know the walnuts and pecans will produce because our land is already loaded with them, along with persimmons and paw paw. Fingers crossed for those truffles though-we can’t wait!

I, Bobby Jo, will be handling online orders and the majority of our little mushroom farm. SO, if you have any requests, questions, or concerns, please feel free to send a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Fresh and Frozen items will ship Monday-Thursday to avoid getting stuck at the post office on Sundays.

Thanks for checking us out on this amazing website run by the best crew in the world!

-Bobby Jo (and family)