Two tins of smoked coho salmon (Net Wt: 6 oz. per can)

(Also available by the case! Drop us a message to place an order.)

Try our wild Copper River coho salmon lightly alder-smoked and preserved in a tin. We love having a shelf full of ready-to-eat smoked salmon that we can add to salads, throw in our packs for a day in the woods, or use in an impressive frittata or charcuterie spread.

As with all our salmon, we hand-pick these fish from our gillnet during their wild runs back to their birthplace.


Smoked Alaskan Coho Salmon (Pack of 2 Tins) | Free Shipping

Alaska, US
Copper Valley Fish Collective
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USE CODE SALMON10 FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER THROUGH JUNE 12TH. We are a husband and wife fishing operation out of Cordova, Alaska. Gillnet fishing at the mouth of the Copper River and in the heart of Prince William Sound is a small-scale endeavor where boats with 1-2 crew pick each fish out of the net by hand. We wanted our fish to be sold in a way that honors this process. We produce sustainable, small-scale, high quality wild caught salmon.

The salmon you’ll find in our shop is the same fish you’ll find in our freezer and pantry. Because we handle each of our fish, we can guarantee that they were bled and iced the same we do it for ourselves, our friends, and our family. We pick each fish individually out of the net, bleed it immediately, and place it in a slush of ice and seawater that stays below freezing due to the salt content. We restock our ice from boats that meet us in the ocean so that our fish maintain their “fresh from the sea” taste until they are blast frozen.