Wild & Sustainably Harvested Chicken of the Woods Mushroom - smoked, dried and powdered. 

1 oz dried mushroom = just over 1/2 lb of fresh mushrooms.

A super fun ingredient for sauces, dredging, soups, roasts, breads, mixed into stir fries - you name it. An incredibly flavorful and versatile way to enjoy this majestic mushroom.

Laetiporus sulphureus, or commonly known as Chicken of the Woods can be found in Western North Carolina from May through October. This Fungus can be quite elusive - Whilst it will return in similar places each year, it often takes a break from fruiting and will send you on a wild chicken hunt all over the forest. Occasionally we are rewarded with a flush as large as 50 lbs, but most of the time our chickens are modestly sized. We find these growing on dead and dying oak trees, and their lemony woodsy flavor is unparalleled in uniqueness. 

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Smoked Chicken Of The Woods Powder

North Carolina, US
Wild Goods
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Wild Goods has been providing fine foraged mushrooms and edibles to the Western North Carolina area in Asheville and Sylva, N.C. for the last five years. With their combined experience, Wild Goods has over 20 years of foraging under their belts and have taught thousands of people the basics of sustainable foraging, wildcrafting, and safe mushroom practices.

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