This listing is for mature, sprouted coconuts also referred to as coconut cake, queens bread, jungle bread, and coconut apple.

These coconuts are selected for EATING. If you would like sprouted coconuts for PLANTING (more mature, with roots left intact), please leave a "Note to the Seller" at checkout.

At this stage of maturity, there is little or no water inside the coconut. A thick layer of coconut meat will have developed inside the hard shell, as well as a layer of coconut oil.

The real star of the show is the sprouted coconut’s inner sponge cake! The flavor is lightly coconut-y, with hints of both sweet and salty.

The texture of a sprouted coconut is highly palatable - crisp, but not hard; spongey, but not soft. Kids and adults alike enjoy this unique treat.


CALIFORNIA BUYERS: Coconuts are 100% OK for shipment to CA.


Sprouted Coconuts

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