This listing is for 5g of choice grade dehydrated Lion's Mane (hercium erinaceus) carefully sun-dried to boost vitimin D for several sessions before finishing up in a dehydrator. It's my opinion that wild lion's mane grown from actual logs and sun dried is even more healthy than sawdust grown cultivated specimens and especially good for adaptogenic uses. 

Your mushrooms will arrive in a decorative tin ready to take a special spot in your pantry or as a perfect gift.

Shipping is included free in the price, multiple orders to the same address at the same time will get a free gift. Free gift wrap and card available upon request for gift deliveries. 

Sun Dried Wild Lion's Mane

River Valley Wildcrafting
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We're 3rd generation wild-crafters who sustainably gather from Midwest forests. All of our plants and mushrooms offered for sale have been carefully identified and harvested by expert wild-crafters who use modern scientific best-practices and traditional low-impact harvesting. We only ship products of the finest grade so they arrive in your kitchen in excellent condition. We're honored to be able to gather the magical bounty of the forests and deliver it to you!