You’re going to need a bigger board: this box is filled to the brim with five different cheeses and five party-ready pairings for an unbeatable spread. The Entertainer includes a little bit of everything, making it the ideal crowd-pleasing collection.

Five distinct cheeses, six unique accompaniments, endless pairing possibilities.

What's in the Box?

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (6 oz wedge) — An approachable but complex natural-rind, bandaged cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma. The flavor is deeply savory and slightly tangy, with caramel sweetness to the finish.Harbison (5 oz wheel) — A spreadable bloomy-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark, made by Jasper Hill Farm. Savory and vegetal, with a spoonable texture and a lingering sweet-cream finish. Winner of the 2018 ACS Conference Best in Show Award!Willoughby (8 oz wheel) — A pudgy, buttery washed-rind round with notes of boozy fruit & roasted meat. Beneath Willoughby’s boldly aromatic rind lies a mellow, supple, buttery paste.Whitney (12 ounce wedge) Whitney has a velvety-smooth, pliant texture with signature notes of toasted nuts, cured ham, and sweet cream. An incredible melter, Whitney is perfect for Raclette and Fondue. ACS 2022 Best of Show Winner!Vault 5 Cheddar (5 oz piece) — This cheese is on the malty-sweet side of the cheddar spectrum. Caramelly and toasty, this is a great match for darker beers, bold reds, or even whiskey.Pinup Pickles Dilly Beans (8 oz jar) — Pinup Pickles is a Vermont based, small-batch artisan pickle maker. Their mission seeks to use local produce to create and share products with a unique Vermont flavor. These crisp and tangy dilly beans are perfect for pairing with cheese and charcuterie.Blake Hill Raspberry Mostarda & Apricot with Orange Honey (10 oz jars) — Raspberry Mostarda with Vermont Ice Cider is a rich and fruity preserve, chock-full of fresh raspberries balanced by the earthy tones of dijon mustard and fruity ice apple cider. Fragrant and lightly tart, this is an excellent pairing for Harbison and other bloomy-rind cheeses. The Apricots & Orange is bright with honeyed sweetness and pairs with Willoughby like a dream.Sugarbob’s Maple Spiced Pecans (2.5 oz) — These slow-roasted, brightly-spiced pecans are supremely snackable. Made with Sugarbob’s own Vermont-made smoked maple syrup, pure maple sugar, and six aromatic spices, these distinctive pecans pair perfectly with our range of cheeses, and work equally well with wines and ciders thrown into the mix.Babette's Table Saucisson Sec — This dry cured salami is made in the style of French Saucisson Sec. Rich, a little nutty, and with great depth of flavor, this salami is the perfect compliment for Alpha Tolman and Cabot Clothbound.Hayden Flour Mills — Emmer Farro Crackers Flavorful heritage grain crackers. Their nutty flavor is perfect for pairing with cheese.

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