Vinegar is a hot topic in the health-food world. Unfortunately, most vinegars are just painful to be consumed on a regular basis. These are an exception to that rule, so if you or someone you know is wincing while taking shots of poorly made vinegars each morning, try these instead - they'll turn that obligatory low point into the best part of the morning. We don't pasteurize, thermalize, or filter our vinegars, starting with the initial meade brewing and continuing all the way into the bottle. The Turmeric, Ginger, Persimmon and Heirloom Apple vinegars all offer probiotic benefits, and some additional health benefits by virtue of their initial ingredients.

Heirloom AppleTurmericGingerPersimmon 

Total value of bundle: $82.50.

The Probiotic Pack

Virginia, US
Lindera Farms
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At Lindera Farms, we take locally and sustainably sourced agricultural products of pristine quality, and ferment them into wines which we then age into vinegar. This makes for a robust, versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind.