Tom's Terrific tangerines are a medium to large variety with a deep orange, glossy skin. They measure an average of 8 centimeters wide and 6 centimeters tall with a slight wrinkling at the neck and a flat bottom. The texture of the rind is pebbled and leathery, and it easily peels away from the flesh. The seedless pulp is juicy and sweet with a balanced rich, tart flavor.


Tom's Terrific tangerines are available late winter through spring.

Current Facts

Tom's Terrific tangerines are exclusively grown by Polito Farms in Valley Center, California. They were first grown as a part of trials in collaboration with the University of California Riverside's Citrus Program. They are botanically classified as Citrus reticulata and are the result of an intentional cross between a tangor and two mandarin varieties, originally called “TDE4”. Those familiar with Tom's Terrific tangerines affectionately refer to them as "Triple T's". They got their name when Bob and Mary Polito's son, Tom, was tasting one of the new tangerines for the first time and said, "These are terrific!"

Tom's Terrific Tangerines

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