The labels on this batch are a little crooked, so they are discounted down from $25 to $18. The tincture inside is still exactly the same!

Turkey-tail mushroom is a mild medicinal mushroom that is good at helping your body regulate a lot of its systems, particularly those related to digestion. It's known for reducing general inflammation, helping your gut sort helpful and harmful bacteria thus reducing infections, regulating blood sugar, and general immune system support. As a mild medicine, it's best taken every day. My partner usually takes one full dropper every morning when they know their gut is going to need some extra help. 

Dual-extraction uses both water and alcohol to get as much medicine out of the mushroom as possible, as each solvent dissolves different compounds. While turkey tail has a mild orange-vanilla smell, the final extraction does taste and smell like watered-down alcohol. 

Turkey Tail Tincture

Ohio, US
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All of my products are foraged in Northeast Ohio using sustainable and ethical methods. Everything you see here are the same ingredients I eat daily and feed to my friends and family. You can see more of what and where I forage on my instagram @tannenbaumwildfoods.

About Me: I am a certified Wild Mushroom Expert through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. I have foraged since my childhood hunting for berries with my grandmother in the woods and am constantly seeking new plants and fungi to learn about!