This complete ONLINE course is for the beginner or intermediate mushroom lover! Learn everything from anatomy of a mushroom to detailed identification to spore prints to cooking and medicine making. I will help you get from, "oh my gosh, mushrooms are so hard to learn" to " I am a fungus freak and know what I am doing".

There are tools, tips and tricks that will make your learning be much easier resulting in a successful experience for YOU.

Course included tutorials, videos and activities with each lesson. You will also have access to me in our private facebook group along with several of the other forager chicks to help you when you need it.

Learning by doing is one of the best ways to master a new skill!

Mushrooms are fascinating as well as delicious and there are so many things to do with them. When you become confident in your ability to forage for your own mushrooms, think about the money you will save at the market or grocery store or even the health food store. As a student of this program, you will be able to identify, forage, cook, preserve and create medicinal preparations with your mushrooms.


Introduction - Printables/Resources/Foraging & Collecting Basics

Mushroom Anatomy - What is a Mushroom?/Parts of a Mushroom/Mushroom Terminology

Mushroom Families - Polypores/Gilled Mushrooms/Toothed Mushrooms/Boletes/Jellies, Cups & Oddities/Deadly Mushrooms & Toxins

How to Key Out a Mushroom - Keying Out/Spore Prints

Cooking & Storage - How to Prepare & Cook Mushrooms/Dehydrating

Using Mushrooms As Medicine - Simple Extracts/Teas & Syrups, Double Extracts/Tinctures, Skincare With Mushrooms

Ultimate Mushroom Course for Beginners - From Mushroom Newbie to Fungus Freak

Georgia, US
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All of our products are created at Bella Vista Farm in Monroe, Georgia. All spices and mushrooms in our products are organic, homegrown or foraged. Bella Vista Farm has been creating natural products for over 9 years. Forager Chick is our brand and home to the Forager Chicks School.

I am a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager and Instructor with Mushroom Mountain.

If I am not making products or baking bread then I am out in the woods foraging all things wild!! I also teach homesteaders and preppers how to identify wild plants and mushrooms to use for food and medicine.