Mixture of different southern pecans harvested and grown locally in Alabama. Alabama is known for the abundance of nuts especially pecan trees and peanuts. The South’s weather allow pecans to mature entirely, creating a sweet and nutritious nut. Perfect for cooking, snacking, and even milking! Shells can be used to smoke meats and cocktails. Varieties include Desirable, Stuart, and Zinner. Shelled nuts can be frozen for two years, kept refrigerated for one year, or counter top for a few months (unshelled).  Available mid to late September.

Unshelled Southern Pecans (1lb)

Alabama, US
Commander’s Cap Organics
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Small town business in AL dedicated to the education and adaptation of wild foods. We offer a wide array of products such as dehydrated and fresh mushrooms, wild berries, and pecans. We strive to provide the best prices possible and keep you coming back!