Flavor Profile: Low-medium acidity, low-medium sweetness.

Tasting Notes: Extremely delicate; notes of violets, grass, watercress, table grapes.

Kitchen Pairings: Very fruit/pastry oriented; pair to generally more sweet ingredients as a way of giving them greater depth.

Bar Pairings: Gin and Vodka friendly; use in Vodka/Gin & Tonics, Aviations, French 75, carbonated beverages, sparkling wine. Good substitute for orange/Meyer lemon juice.


The Idea: Wood violets have a delicate, earthy aroma that is very difficult to capture, but is really unique and fun to work with in kitchens and bars alike. Foraging them, however, is even more difficult; just the flowers themselves possess their distinct flavor, so gathering enough to make a batch of the vinegar takes days of effort. Merely gathering roughly 5lbs, thousands of individual flowers, produces just shy of 5 gallons. As a result, this is a rare, one-of-a-kind vinegar that’s for foodies, adventurous home chefs, and real vinegar aficionados.

Violet Vinegar

Virginia, US
Lindera Farms
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At Lindera Farms, we take locally and sustainably sourced agricultural products of pristine quality, and ferment them into wines which we then age into vinegar. This makes for a robust, versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind.