Somehow the term “vanilla” has come to mean simple, plain or ordinary. Nothing could be further from the truth, for there is something incredibly special about what is arguably the world’s favorite flavor

The aromatic vanilla bean, once reserved for royalty, is among the costliest spices on earth, second only to saffron. Even now, after centuries of cultivation, vanilla is still relatively expensive, primarily because of the labor-intensive and time-consuming methods required to produce it.

The price of vanilla is very volatile, in part because of continued political & social unrest in Madagascar, the major producer of high quality vanilla.

Madagascar (Bourbon) Vanilla

Madagascar, the world’s largest producer of vanilla beans, is the source of the famed Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and still produces the world’s finest and most consistent vanilla. (Incidentally, the term “Bourbon” has nothing to do with the liquor produced in Kentucky – but rather, derives its name from the old name for Madagascar – the Bourbon Islands.) 

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is considered to be the highest quality pure vanilla available, typified by a creamy, sweet, smooth, mellow flavor. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is known for its “staying power”, which makes it especially suited to pairing with rich foods.

Using Vanilla in Savory Dishes

Vanilla might seem to be an odd flavor to pair with savory ingredients, but when used with a light touch, it adds a subtle, but delicious note to the naturally sweet, rich flavor of the pork, fowl and seafood, especially lobster, scallops and prawns.

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Whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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