Product description: Our wild sockeye portion box is packed with twelve (12) individual portions. Sockeye portions are cut to weigh between 6-8 ounces. Each portion is individually vacuum-packed and frozen. A single serving of salmon is considered 3.5 oz. Each portion provides approximately 2 servings.

Flavor profile: Rich, robust, and distinct.

Texture profile: Firm.

Bone notes: All portions may contain bones. These bones are easy to remove, especially after cooking, if desired.

Skin notes: We elect to keep the skin on our salmon products. Keeping the skin on adds flavor when cooking, helps protect the fish from overcooking, and ensures that the delicate flesh remains intact.

Preparation tips: Great for smoking, grilling, broiling, and roasting. Sockeye’s firm texture and robust flavor make it a great option for grilling, or for roasting over an open fire!

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon - Portion Box

(per 1 box)
Washington, US
The Harbor Fish Company
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The Harbor Fish Company is anchored in the maritime towns of Juneau, Alaska, and Gig Harbor, Washington. Our connection to the sea inspired a vision of nourishing communities with wild-caught Alaska salmon. Today, we are proud to offer our coastal community in Washington (and beyond!) wild-caught salmon sourced from the pristine waters of Lynn Canal…directly from us - the fishermen who catch it.

Our founder, Zack, has commercially fished for Alaska salmon since 2013. However, Zack’s love for salmon fishing spurred at a young age with a rod and reel, where he fished the bays, creeks, inlets, and shores of the South Puget Sound. Zack’s childhood passion inspired his adult career – and we’re happy that it did!

Come May, Zack leaves Gig Harbor for the cold waters of Juneau where he sustainably harvests salmon from the wild runs of Southeast Alaska. Aboard the Minter Bay, Zack and his deckhand join the summer fishing fleet and work tirelessly to provide communities with an incredibly nourishing food source.

Our company is founded on the principles of sustainability, wild sourcing, conservation, and health. That’s why we fish in Alaska and why we specialize in salmon. Every salmon we offer is hand-selected by Zack for its size, quality, and health. All our salmon is caught in Southeast Alaska and is traceable.