Our Wild Reishi Seasoning blend is medicinally beneficial as well as a balanced additive to any daily meal🍄💕 It’s bottled simply, in reusable Italian glass, and a lovely addition for any gift giving notion . Feel free to reach out for any specifications. We are happy to accommodate

Wild Reishi Seasoning Salt

New York, US
Catskill Wild
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Certified Wild Foraged Goods Crafts & Services!

Expertly harvested from pristine environments in the Catskill Mountains and Beyond with intuitive wisdom all the while following a detailed code of ethics. Catskill Wild understands you should not settle for anything less then absolute benefit.

We strive to provide as nature organically intends💚🌈

Please check back and enjoy our photo journalistic nature photography popping up periodically as our cover & item art. It’s just for fun!!