This Naturally Grown Wild Rice is harvested in the Boreal Forest Region of Canada. It then makes it way to our processing plant and is processed in a more traditional method by using the energy of a wood fire to "Parch" or stabilize the product for long term storage. The wood parching method allows some of the smoke flavor to enter the kernel during the process. This batch of product we kept dark in color rather than scarifying (removing bran layer) which lengthens the cook time to about 50-60 Minutes. 

This Product comes packaged in a plain One Pound Poly Bag

Wood Parched Natural Canadian Lake and River Wild Rice - Ontario/Manitoba Area

Minnesota, US
Wood Parched Wild Rice - CANOE
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Wood Parched Wild Rice - Using a wood fired Parcher we have allowed the wild rice to take on an additional flavor blend.

The higher heat and smoke entering the drum lowers the moisture content of the grain making a distinguished product from other types of wild rice.